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Today we are opened from 10:00 to 21:00

Night bathing from 17:30 – reduced 2-hour entrance fee

Pools: 7

Toboggans: 2

Attractions: 10

Today we are opened from 10:00 to 21:00

Night bathing from 17:30 – reduced 2-hour entrance fee

Pools: 7

Toboggans: 2

Attractions: 10



1. General rules:


Guest rules and regulations serve for maintaining of safety, order and cleanliness in the whole SPA & AQUAPARK resort including access areas and outdoor equipments, as well as for comfort of our visitors. Visitors should avoid any action that could disturb the comfort of other visitors or action disturbing obligations of our staff.


2. Open hours, admission and exclusion of visitors from the resort:

2.1   Open hours of the resort for the public are visibly marked. The admission is allowed only during running hours with valid entrance or season ticket which can be bought at cash desk. The ticket relates to time period that includes time changing as well.

2.2   The visitor is obliged to return the entrance bracelet when leaving the resort.

2.3   The visitor is obliged to return the entrance bracelet at the cash desk dressed in clothes. For safety reasons it is forbidden to return bracelets in swimming suits, towels, bath robes, etc.

2.4   It is not possible to buy the entrance ticket an hour before closing anymore.

2.5   Entrance fees and prices for additional services follow the valid price list. 

2.6   In case of request for discount entrance fee the visitor is obliged to submit identification card, handicapped card or handicapped support person card. In case of request for child´s discount or free entrance for children the visitor is obliged to submit the insurance card of the child.

2.7   No entry is allowed for:

2.7.1.   persons after consuming alcohol or toxic substances;

2.7.2.   persons with animals;

2.7.3.   persons suffering from infective diseases (in case of uncertainty the visitor may be asked to submit medical confirmation), or persons with open wounds, or skin problems (for example persons with flaking skin, skin eruption, skin parasites), or persons suffering from any other disease that could endanger health of other visitors; further family members of persons suffering from infective diseases even if isolated from family, or persons suffering from diseases accompanied by effusion;

2.7.4.   persons intending to use the resort for own commercial or non standard reasons without permission of competent person of the resort;

2.7.5.   dirty persons, persons in dirty dress or with insects.

2.8   For the safety reasons the persons with restricted mobility, or persons no table to change without the help of other person, as well as visibly physically or psychically handicapped persons are allowed to the resort only with support persons.

2.9   Children under 15 years of age (children from the age of 15 are obliged to submit their ID card) are allowed to enter the resort only with person above 18 years of age.


3. Responsibility:

3.1   Visitors are using the spa complex and respective facilities at their own risk, without asserting a claim against the operator.

3.2   Operator´s responsibilities for injuries, property damage or financial loss conform to appropriate legal regulations.

3.3   Visitors are fully responsible for locking of their storage lockers, where they put their personal items and dresses. In case of loss of the bracelet, the visitor is obliged to pay a compensation fee of 33 euro. Storage lockers that are locked after closing of the resort will be opened by staff and the content will be treated as lost items. SPA & AQUAPARK employee is not allowed to open an occupied storage locker in any case.


4. Operation instructions for visitors:

4.1   Before entering to pools visitors are obliged to use a toilet, thoroughly wash their naked body without swimming suit using soap in the shower. Visitors are obliged to dress their own, clean swimming suit.

4.2   Time for bathing and changing the clothes is limited by time marked on a valid entrance bracelet. In case of exceeded time period for bathing and changing, the visitor is obliged to pay additional charge. 

4.3   Visitors are obliged to leave the pool area 30 minutes before closing hour latest.

4.4   It is forbidden to use body cleansing products outside the shower area.

4.5   It is forbidden to jump into pools as well as to throw other persons to pools.

4.6   In case you want to use any articles for sports or play, it is necessary to ask our staff for permission.

4.7   The operator takes no responsibility for excessive wear out of swimming suit due to frequent sliding on toboggans and slides.

4.8   Visitors are obliged to treat facilities and equipments carefully and to save the water.

4.9   Visitor uses all the toboggans, slides and attractions with free access at his/her own responsibility.

4.10  Each visitor is obliged to follow the rules for a ride on toboggans and slides, along with other announcements and notices posted in area of the resort. Current rules, announcements and notices posted in area of the resort are supreme to general rules.

4.11  The operator bears no responsibility for wounds and injuries caused by incaution or abiding of the guest rules by the visitor.

4.12  It is allowed to consume meals and drinks only in designated areas; also it is allowed to consume only the meals and drinks bought in SPA & AQUAPARK.

4.13  In case of severe weather, for ex. rain, storm, strong wind and in case of technical causes the operator reserves the right to adjust the open and closing hours for individual attractions and facilities in the resort (toboggans, slides, pools, bars, snack bars, etc.), for the safety reasons. In case of above mentioned circumstances the operator is not obliged to return the entrance fee or indemnify the visitor by other means.


5. In the resort it is forbidden:

5.1   to smoke in the whole area of the resort; visitors are allowed to smoke only in designated areas outdoor;

5.2   to consume meals and drinks in the pools and by the pools;

5.3   to wring the wet swimming suits and towels on the floor in cloakrooms and dressing rooms;

5.4   to bring and use glass items (including bottles) in the resort;

5.5   to use musical instruments, audio technique, or television;

5.6   to make pictures or videos of other people or groups without their consent; in case of making pictures or videos for commercial purpose it is necessary to acquire a permission from SLK a.s, Turčianske Teplice.


Further it applies that:

5.7   Children under the age of 15 are forbidden to enter the RED relaxing pool. Toddlers and babies are obliged to wear special bathing nappies.

5.8   It is forbidden to scream, whistle, be noisy, and run (that could result in slipping and injury).

5.9   It is forbidden to jump to the pools, run on the pathways, to jump from them and from other risk-bearing places.

5.10  It is forbidden to call for help unreasonably. It is forbidden to enter the areas that are not designated for public, to dressing rooms and shower of other gender, and to enter the parts of the resort marked by no entry for the safety and operation reasons.

5.11  It is forbidden to spit on the floor and into the water, to pee in the pools, to throw garbage outside litter baskets and otherwise pollute areas of the resort.  

5.12  It is forbidden to enter pools, toboggans and slides with a chewing gum.

5.13  It is forbidden to unreasonably use rescue equipments and first aid items. 

5.14  It is forbidden to carry and use any kind of weapons.

5.15  It is forbidden to load the storage locker from SPA cash desk in AQUAPARK dressing rooms and vice versa.  

5.16  It is forbidden to ask SPA & AQUAPARK staff for services that contradict to these guest rules.




Guest rules and regulations concern the general use of facilities. In special cases it is possible to allow some exceptions without necessity to adjust these rules. 


Current instructions, announcements and notices posted in the resort are supreme to general rules and do not require writing into the guest rules.


By entering to the resort each visitor confirms his/her acceptance of responsibilities and rules necessary for maintaining of overall safety.


Guest rules are valid from January 1st 2014.